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When setting up a new show, I find there are certain tools that are absolutely indispensable for the work I do onsite. For a moderate sum of money, it’s easy to assemble a basic toolkit to bring to the theatre that will cover nearly everything you need. I usually put my tools in a small duffel bag or Pelican case so I can place the items with my checked bags and transport to the theatre separate from my personal luggage. This list is by no means complete, but it will cover some basic items that will go a long way.


You’ll need a multi-tool such as the Leatherman — Wave Plus Multitool, Stainless Steel as it will have most of the standard tools you’ll need such as a blade, scissors, screwdriver, etc. This is a great tool to have with you at all times. However, even though it has many options, I find it’s best to also have tools specific to their individual tasks as listed below.


For finding your way around a rack in a dark orchestra pit, a flashlight is an absolute must. I prefer a tactical flashlight such as this PowerTac E20 1180 Lumen LED Rechargeable EDC Tactical Flashlight

. It’s an LED flashlight, is rechargeable, it’s incredibly bright, and extremely reasonably priced.


Every Broadway keyboard programming toolkit should also have a headlamp as there will be times when you need both hands free to work on a MainStage rig, so walking around with a bright light shining from your forehead is optimal. Something like this Pelican 2760 Headlamp

is a fantastic option. Pelican products are known for being rock solid and indestructible.

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Even though your Leatherman multitool will have a built in Phillips head screwdriver, it’s extremely helpful to have a standalone screwdriver as it’ll be easier to use for reaching into hard to access places and you’ll be able to work much faster with it. Some folks prefer to have an electric screwdriver and while I’ll admit that they’re incredibly helpful and convenient, I find I’d rather not carry around the extra weight. For your screwdriver, any old model will do, so I’d suggest going with something like this STANLEY 68–012M All-In-One 6-Way Screwdriver

which is well constructed, includes 6 different tips, and is incredibly inexpensive.

Wireless Router

It’s extremely helpful to have a wireless gigabit router to enable remote access to the computers in the MainStage rigs. Relying on the existing WiFi networks in the theatre can be quite unreliable. Setting up a local area network is easy and extremely convenient for tweaking levels from the house, doing quick troubleshooting, and file management. Something like this Linksys EA6350 Wi-Fi Wireless Dual-Band+ Router with Gigabit & USB Ports

works very nicely.

Industrial Strength Velcro

It’s always helpful to have a supply of industrial strength velcro in packaging such as VELCRO Brand — Industrial Strength | Indoor & Outdoor Use | Heavy Duty, Superior Holding Power on Smooth Surfaces | Size 15ft x 2in | Tape, Black — Pack of 1

as this can be used for a multitude of purposes such as securing a KVM switch, securing a computer keyboard, etc. It’s a great perishable utility item to have around.

Velcro Rip-Tie

It’s always helpful to have a supply of Rip-Tie 1/2 x 10 ft. Wrap Strap Black Roll W-10–1RL-BK

as sometimes it’s necessary to secure cables, but not permanently as with plastic cable ties. These Rip-Ties can be easily repurposed and cut to different sizes as needed.

Cable Ties

For a more permanent solution to your cable management, it’s always helpful to have a combination of sizes of cables ties such as the Cable Matters (Combo Pack) 200 Self-Locking 6+8+12-Inch Nylon Cable Ties (Tie Wraps/Zip Ties) in Black & White

Label Maker

When building a MainStage or Ableton rig for Broadway keyboard programming, it’s absolutely essential to label every element of the rig. I always carry a Brother label maker with me, such as this Brother P-touch, PTD210, Easy-to-Use Label Maker, One-Touch Keys, Multiple Font Styles, 27 User-Friendly Templates, White


P-Touch Tape

And of course, don’t forget spare tape for your Brother P-Touch label maker! Brother Genuine P-touch M-231 Tape, 1/2″ (0.47″) Standard P-touch Tape, Black on White, for Indoor Use, Water Resistant, 26.2 Feet (8M), Single-Pack

Electrical Tape

It’s always helpful to have electrical tape handy in a variety of colors. This way you can color code cables (green for main, red for backup) or use red tape to tie back cables that aren’t being used. If you pick up a value pack of a variety of colors, you’ll be covered for a long time. Try this 3M Scotch 35 Electrical Tape Value Pack (10457NA)

for your keyboard programming toolkit.

Scotch Tape

Remember all of those labels you made with your new Brother P-Touch machine? Unfortunately, they’ll have a tendency to fall off over time unless you cover up those labels with some clear transparent glossy Scotch Tape. Purchasing several rolls in bulk is very cheap and will make your life a lot easier: Scotch Transparent Tape, Standard Width, Engineered for Office and Home Use, Clear Finish, 3/4 x 850 Inches, 4 Rolls (4814)

Wire Cutters

This is a big one. You’ll need wire cutters to remove plastic zip ties and to trim the ends off of them once you secure your cables. This will make your cable dressing much neater and cleaner. Try something like this model: IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 6″, 2078306


You’ll need a pair of scissors to cut those labels and pieces of electrical tape at some point. You don’t need anything fancy: Scotch Precision Scissor, 6-Inches (1446), 1-pack

Box Cutter

You’ll need a blade to open all of those fancy gadgets you just purchased for the production. You could use your Leatherman, but opening up a lot of packaging won’t be good for your blades. Better to pick up an inexpensive box cutter for such a task: Stanley 10–099 6 in Classic 99® Retractable Utility Knife, 1-Pack

Pelican 1510 Case With Foam

While this item isn’t a necessity, it’s very convenient to have for your Broadway keyboard programming toolkit. It’s great to be able to keep your tools separate from your personal items and to keep them organized. Also, if you’re flying, you won’t be able to bring your tools in your carryon due to the knives. This way you can just check your bag with all of your tools, which makes flying much easier. I’m a huge fan of Pelican cases. They’re virtually indestructible, they last forever, and they’re reasonably priced. Of course you could go with a duffel bag or whatever form factor makes sense for your situation. I just prefer my trusty Pelican case: Pelican 1510 Case With Foam (Black)


And that’s one way to build a toolkit for Broadway keyboard programming. This has worked quite well for me for many years and I find it’s incredibly convenient to keep everything stored together and ready to go at a moment’s notice. You might also consider acquiring a set of Allen wrenches, some gaff tape, and/or an electric screwdriver. It all depends upon how much you want to carry and what your specific needs are. Regardless, you should definitely have something ready to go which contains some staple items that you know you’ll need on a regular basis.

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